FutureTv and Epic Temporary Server Fix 9/25 through 10/1

     FutureTV & EpicStream Service Interruption

                      Temporary Live TV fix

                             9/25 through 10/1

Please open your FutureTv App and do the following in the exact order. (if you do not have FutureTv follow this link for instructions on how to install the “Hotboxz Tv Launcher” and get it) Link:  TV Launcher

  • 1) If presented with the following screen please logout by hitting the icon at top right corner of the app otherwise see step 2.

  • 2) Click “ADD USER” at the top right

  • 3) On left Side click on “Refresh DNS”. You should see DNS refreshed successfully at the bottom.

  • 4) Now in the top box put “Iconic Host” next you will need your Temporary Live TV account username and password you will receive this from your Sales rep. Please contact them Via Email or Facebook for your login.

  • 5) If done correctly you should see two accounts your original FutureTv/ Epic login and your other “Iconic Host” account

  • 6) If you think you entered your details incorrectly then you can hold “OK” on your remote with one of the boxes highlighted and it will bring up a menu to delete or edit.

  • 7) Now simply click on your user account named “Iconic Host” and you should be logged in channel numbers are different there is over 6,000 channels on this service most USA one are up and running rest maybe hit or miss during this major outage. But we are trying our best to keep you up and running.