Getting the Hotboxz TV Launcher

 Step 1: Make sure you are connected to the Internet!!
Go to Settings → Network → Connect to your
Wi-Fi or via Ethernet
 Step 2: It is important to uninstall previous versions of existing apps that are on your device before downloading the new launcher. Please open Settings and go to Apps. Scroll to your right until you reach Hotboxz Live. Click OK on it and scroll down to uninstall. Confirm the uninstall. Repeat these steps for Hotboxz Media Center, Hotboxz Updater, Epic Streams, Vader Streams, Hotboxz Free TV and Movies, and Terrarium TV.
 Step 3: Open the Play Store application through the Apps tab on your main menu. You may need to sign into/create a Gmail account in order to proceed. You do not have to enter in any payment info.
 Step 4: In the Play Store, go to the top search bar and type in: Hotboxz TV Launcher, and search for it. Select the icon indicated below and then select Download. Click Accept on any pop-up that comes up. Once the download finishes, you can select Open.
 Step 5: Open the app installer from the Apps, and select Local Disk. Once the scan completes, select the Hot Boxz application that you just downloaded. Select Install. Once the install finishes, click Open.
 Step 6: You will need to enter in a real, working email address in order to gain access to our launcher. Enter your email address in the bar on your screen, and you should be sent a confirmation code within a few seconds. Enter in your code in order to proceed.
 Step 7: Please follow the instructions on screen in order to install the required Media Player
 Step 8: *This step is very important.* Press the Home button on either your remote or keyboard. You should see the pop up below. Select LauncherTX or SWin8launcher (depends on which generation or device you are using), and then select Always. This way, you can get to the very main menu by pressing the Home button.