Help with Using the Hotboxz Launcher

 Click on the icon pictured to the right and the Hotboxz Launcher will open. Please enter a working email address when prompted to do so.

In a few seconds you will receive a 4 digit pin to the email you entered. Please enter the 4 digits into the bar on your screen.


 You will now see a screen similar to the picture above. This is our new Hotboxz Launcher.

The Hotboxz Launcher allows for automatic updates to your favorite apps while still giving you access to everything you had before.

 In order to download an app that you may not have already on your device, simply click on its icon from the menu of the Hotboxz Launcher and the download will start. Select INSTALL and wait for the installation to finish.

You can also purchase a subscription to our Paid Subscription service right from your device as well! Just click on the Buy A Subscription icon.

In order to exit the Hotboxz Launcher and return to the main menu, just click the home button on your remote or keyboard. If you see a popup similar to that pictured below, select the option that is NOT Hot Boxz. (This may be LauncherTX or SWin8launcher). Then select ALWAYS. This will allow you to return to the main menu with the home button.